Pavia & Harcourt, LLP

Who they are

A boutique law firm based in midtown Manhattan

Fidelity products

Fidelity Health Marketplace, Fidelity HSA®, 401(k), and Payroll 

We heard from

Stefania McCarthy, Director of Administration, and John Firestone, Partner

Four gray puzzle pieces fitting together

Everything in one place

Pavia was already a Fidelity 401(k) and Payroll customer looking for a streamlined solution that also included health benefits.

How we helped

With retirement, payroll, and now health benefits managed by Fidelity, Stefania and John have a one-stop shop solution from a vendor they know and trust.  

“It makes life much easier. The integration is tremendously useful.”      –John
“Since it was Fidelity, we trusted them right away.” –Stefania 

Open silver laptop

Relieving the burden on HR

Stefania was conducting open enrollment for 55 individuals on paper, and fielding employee questions about insurance cards and pharmacy coverage. 

How we helped

With Fidelity Health Marketplace, employees enroll themselves online and have a dedicated support team to call – taking Stefania out of the middle.

“This is what I was dreaming of – employee questions about health benefits are out of my hands.” –Stefania
“Your team is very, very responsive to employee questions, which is important to us.” –John 

Screenshot of Fidelity Health Marketplace decision support tool

Choice and education for employees

Pavia wanted to offer employees more choice so they could pick an appropriate health plan for their life situation – but they were afraid that without plan education, the choice would be confusing.

How we helped 

A Fidelity Health Marketplace licensed insurance broker worked with Stefania and John to allow Pavia to offer 3 medical insurance plans – and provide online educational resources for employees to understand the benefit choices they make.

“Offering 3 plans was unimaginable before. We showed employees that we care about their health benefits. Now they can pick based on their life situation.” –Stefania