Gryphon Networks

Who they are

A Boston-based SaaS company

Fidelity products

Fidelity Health Marketplace, 401(k), and Payroll

We heard from

Sissy Ciavattone, Accountant

Two green apples and one red apple

Reducing costs by offering choice

Gryphon only offered one health plan through their previous broker. The cost and administrative burden of offering more than one plan held them back from providing more choices.

How we helped 

A Fidelity Health Marketplace licensed insurance broker showed Sissy that through our platform, she could actually offer more plans with less manual administrative work. The company is now saving money since employees can “right-size” their plans and choose the coverage that’s right for them, avoiding overspending.

“The big problem was the administration. Now that it’s taken out, we can offer more plan choice.” 

Graph of different types of medical plans employees have chosen

Relieving the burden on HR

Sissy took over HR duties when a coworker left the company, and it was a full-time job that she didn’t always have time for.

“I wear many hats. If I had a new hire, I had to put them into payroll, medical, dental, LTD, and after 90 days, into 401(k). Everything was manual and I had to remember all the steps. It was an administrative nightmare.” 

How we helped

With Fidelity Health Marketplace and payroll working together, Sissy now only has to input new hire information into one system. Payroll deductions are automatically taken care of for her.

“Fidelity helps a lot – everything just goes in to payroll once, saving me tons of time.” 

Laptop showing Fidelity NetBenefits portfolio for one user

Keeping employee benefits in one place

Instead of remembering many separate logins, employees can now experience an all-in-one online benefits experience, along with support from Fidelity Health Marketplace’s knowledgeable call center team.

“People are resistant to change. But once we rolled Fidelity Health Marketplace out everybody loved it. It brought all their benefits together in one place and the customer service has been excellent.”