Geode Capital Management, LLC

Who they are

A growing investment management firm in downtown Boston

Fidelity products

Fidelity Health Marketplace, Fidelity HSA®, 401(k), and Payroll 

We heard from

Julie Coote, Head of HR 

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Keeping costs in check

Geode values its employees and strives to offer a competitive benefits package. Like many small employers, yearly premium increases and plan design changes were making it difficult. 

How we helped

A licensed Fidelity Health Marketplace insurance broker worked with Julie to evaluate their carrier and funding options. After reviewing Geode’s claims history, it was clear they could save money by switching to a level-funded plan design. By making the switch, coupled with the premium rate reductions Fidelity Health Marketplace negotiated on their behalf, Geode was able to save 19% in medical premium costs in one year. 

“Fidelity Health Marketplace helped us save money. That was huge.” 

Employee Enrollment

Relieving the burden on HR

Before Fidelity Health Marketplace, Geode was using a third-party online platform, but the HR team still had to manually calculate information and enter it into 4 separate systems.

How we helped

With Fidelity Health Marketplace’s technology, Julie now enters employee census data once into Payroll, and information automatically flows to Fidelity Health Marketplace.

“Before, we had to go to each carrier’s site – medical, dental, vision – and enter the data. It was awful. Now we have one portal, and the integration with Payroll is great.”

Laptop showing Fidelity NetBenefits portfolio for one user

A better employee experience

Geode wanted a better way to manage enrollment and get their financially-savvy employees engaged in their benefits. Also, answering employee questions was taking up hours of Julie’s time.

How we helped 

Fidelity Health Marketplace gives employees a simple online enrollment experience with decision support to help them pick their “best fit” plan. Throughout the process, employees have access to Fidelity’s customer service by phone or online chat – taking Julie out of the middle. And, employees can use Fidelity NetBenefits® to view their health and financial benefits in one place, year-round.

“Open Enrollment was smooth. The decision support is easy to use. Everything you need is right there.”