Beam Interactive

Who they are

Boston-based marketing and experience design agency

Fidelity products

401(k) and Fidelity Health Marketplace

We heard from

Eric Snyder, Partner, and Kristine Conti, Director of Finance

Tailor's scissors, measuring tape, and cardboard

A customized solution

Beam was frustrated by seeing the same narrow slate of options from their broker every year, with little customization for their business needs.

How we helped

A licensed Fidelity Health Marketplace insurance broker sat down with Eric and Kristine to understand the company’s benefit goals and come up with the right solution, including offering additional health and wellness services to their employees.

“The Fidelity Health Marketplace team really listened to what we’re trying to achieve and then provided direction to help us get there.” –Eric

Open silver laptop

From paper to digital enrollment

Before working with Fidelity Health Marketplace, Kristine had to enroll every employee and their dependents manually, on paper, each year.

How we helped

With Fidelity Health Marketplace’s online enrollment technology, employees have a quick and painless way to enroll themselves in benefits – with no paper forms.

“Enrolling online is great. It’s a lot simpler than it was before.” –Eric

“The streamlining makes it easier for me. I don’t get 12 pieces of paper from every employee anymore.” –Kristine

Screenshot of Fidelity Health Marketplace decision support tool

Support and education for employees

Beam wanted to empower their employees to be smarter health care consumers and feel more ownership over the benefits they selected.

How we helped

Fidelity Health Marketplace provides decision support and educational resources to Beam employees during open enrollment and throughout the year, as part of the Fidelity Health Marketplace experience.

“Employees have more clarity and understanding of what their options are – they feel empowered. And customer support has been great.”–Eric