health expenses

  1. How Individuals Really Feel About Their Health Benefits

    As part of a recent Fidelity retail customer service survey we asked customers – both individuals and those responsible for employee benefits (employers) – what they really think about health benefits.

  2. How to Talk To Your Doctor (And Save Money)

    Fidelity polling data1 indicates that health care costs are the biggest factor in people’s decision to retire and pose a huge threat to their financial health before and in retirement.

  3. The Health and Money Connection: Setting Your Employees up for Long-Term Success

  4. 3 Big Wellness Trends

    Health trends come and go in today's world, but these 3 are here to stay. Read on to find out more about how they could change your life for the better. 

  5. 3 Common HSA Myths

    When it comes to Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) you may be convinced of their benefits (who doesn’t like triple tax savings!) but your employees may be harder to win over.

  6. Making Sense of Your Health Plan's Costs

    If you don’t feel confident about the details of your health plan, you aren’t alone.

  7. Health Care Doesn’t Have to Be Taxing

    Like managing retirement benefits, filing taxes, and even booking travel, the way we manage our health care is changing. In his recent article from Above the Fold, the U.S.

  8. How to Help Your Employees Make the Most of Their Health Care Dollars

    Rising health care costs are on everyone’s mind these days, and like it or not, your employees are feeling it too. It doesn’t help that medical bills and insurance company requirements can feel tricky to navigate.

  9. Making the Most of Your HRA

    A health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) is one option that may be available to you to help pay your health care costs. Does your employer offer an HRA? If so, read on and learn how to take advantage of this unique benefit!

  10. What a Health FSA Can Do For You

    If your employer offers a health flexible spending account (FSA), you can save yourself some cash by using this tax-advantaged account to pay for health expenses not covered by your plan.

  11. All About HSAs

    High Deductible Savings Plans (HDHPs) are here to stay, and with them, so are Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). An HSA can be a great way to pay for health expenses now while saving (tax-free!) to protect your future health and wealth. Intrigued?