benefits management

  1. Employers Are From Mars, Employees Are From Venus

    Does it ever feel like you and your employees are on different planets when it comes to benefits?  Fidelity surveyed hundreds of employers and employees to better understand where the values of employers and employees differ when it comes to benef

  2. The Uberization of Health Care

    Everywhere you look, customers are looking for on-demand services – a ride across town, streaming music, even groceries. Our expectations around speed, convenience, and simplicity have changed profoundly over a relatively short period of time.

  3. Health Plans and Metal Ratings: The Basics

    Understanding what a health plan may really cost can seem like an Olympic-level effort.

  4. The Best Blogs of 2016

    All year, we've worked hard to bring you top notch benefits advice. Download our eBook to find our three most popular blog posts. 
  5. Fidelity Health Marketplace Expands to Colorado, Bringing More Benefit Choices to Small and Midsized Businesses

    Fidelity Investments® today announced that Fidelity Health MarketplaceSM, which offers insurance broker services and one-stop access to health and wellness benefits to small and midsized businesses and their employees, has ex

  6. 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid During Open Enrollment

    With open enrollment in full swing, employers want to make sure that their employees have what they need to make smart benefit decisions, for themselves and for the company.

  7. Is Telemedicine Right for Your Employees?

    Telemedicine (telemed) is an online solution meant to replace a traditional in-person doctor visit with a virtual experience.

  8. Helping Your Employees Through Open Enrollment

    “Open enrollment is my favorite time of the year!” Said no one. Ever.

    So maybe you can’t get your employees as excited about choosing benefits as
    they are about shopping for the next vacation online, but you can make it easy.

  9. How to Offer Employees the Right Menu of Medical Plan Choices

    We talk quite a bit about the value of offering plan choice.  Your employees are all different, and the plan that works best for one employee might not be at all appropriate for another.

  10. Fidelity Health Marketplace Brings New Benefit Choices to Small and Midsized Businesses in California

    Fidelity Investments® today announced that Fidelity Health MarketplaceSM, which offers one-stop access to health and wellness benefits to small and midsized businesses and their employees, has expanded into California.

  11. Your Road Map to Benefits Success

    "You have to know where you came from to know where you’re going." - Unknown

  12. How Individuals Really Feel About Their Health Benefits

    As part of a recent Fidelity retail customer service survey we asked customers – both individuals and those responsible for employee benefits (employers) – what they really think about health benefits.

  13. A Defined Contribution Benefits Strategy is Trendy – But is it Right for Your Company?

    Every few years, a new cost management funding strategy emerges as the “go to” for companies looking for a way to provide their employees with a competitive benefits package while trying to keep a handle on benefit costs.

  14. 3 Ways to Help Employees Right-Size Their Medical Benefits

    When employees are provided with enough medical plan choice that they can customize, or “right-size,” their medical benefits, everybody wins.

  15. 3 Legislative Updates for Small Employers

    Here are a few legislative updates that we think you might find useful as you begin to plan next year’s benefits strategy.

    IRS Releases 2017 Health Savings Account and High Deductible Health Plan Limits

  16. 5 Go-To Benefit Resources for Small Employers

    On top of everything else you do at work, keeping your eye on current trends in the health benefits space – and the next big thing – can feel overwhelming. Luckily, there are resources to help you stay ahead of the curve.

  17. Predicting the Future: 3 Tips to Stay on Top of the Future of Health Benefits

    The world of health care benefits has been in a state of flux over the past few years, especially since the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”) in 2010.  The changing regulatory landscape and uncertainty of

  18. Fidelity Health Marketplace℠ Discusses the Benefits of Private Health Exchanges

    Private health exchanges have been gaining traction among small and mid-sized business

  19. Dependent Care Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

    Finding affordable and reliable childcare is an important concern for many families. One way to help your employees do this is by offering Dependent Care Flexible Care Accounts (“DC-FSAs”).

  20. 3 Questions to Help Your Employees Select Life Insurance

    Life insurance can give your employees peace of mind about their families’ financial futures, should the unexpected happen.