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Voluntary Workplace Benefits Provide Peace of Mind When Facing Life's Uncertainties

February 14, 2018 | By Karen Coomber

We take a lot for granted when we’re healthy, but unfortunately, there are plenty of surprise costs that can arise when we get sick. If you haven’t had to face such a situation, you may consider yourself lucky. For those of you who have, you probably know the mental stress of making ends meet for your family while also worrying about a loved one’s medical condition. But you should know that there is insurance that can help defray these costs.
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What do recent policy changes in D.C. mean for employer sponsored benefits?

January 31, 2018 | By Fidelity Health Marketplace

Now that the ink has dried on the new new tax reform bill, let’s take a look at how the legislation does – or doesn’t – affect employer sponsored benefits.
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How to encourage employee HSA contributions in 2018

January 10, 2018 | By Fidelity Health Marketplace

Now is a great time to make sure your employees understand the benefits of an HSA and why they should consider making payroll deductions to help their account grow even more over the next year.
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What to look for in a benefits broker relationship

December 13, 2017 | By John Wayne

Your benefits broker should be proactively helping you achieve your business goals. Here are 4 questions to ask yourself to make sure you are getting the best possible value from the relationship.
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3 Reasons to Pay Attention to your Vacation Policy

December 6, 2017 | By Fidelity Health Marketplace

The holidays are coming! Here are 3 reasons vacation time is an important part of a complete benefits package.
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E-book: Our Best Blog Posts of 2017

November 8, 2017 | By Fidelity Health Marketplace

We hand-curated these posts for you and made sure to include thought leadership posts from our very own industry leader about industry trends, as well as practical advice for a better benefits program.
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3 Ways to Be Mindful at Work

October 25, 2017 | By Fidelity Health Marketplace

Practicing mindfulness can be an important part of staying well, physically and mentally. So, it’s a good idea to encourage mindfulness in the workplace as part of your wellness program. Here’s more on why and how to do it.
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Now Playing: New Client Testimonial Video

October 18, 2017 | By Fidelity Health Marketplace

Every film tells a story. With our brand new Fidelity Health Marketplace testimonial video, the story we wanted to tell is how we help our clients save money, time, and administrative hassle on benefits year-round.
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4 Employee Questions You'll Probably Get During Open Enrollment

October 11, 2017 | By Fidelity Health Marketplace

Fall open enrollment season is here. To help you stay ahead of the questions this year, here are 4 quick videos that can help your employees make smart choices when it comes to their benefits.
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Fall Is Here, So Get Your Flu Shot

September 27, 2017 | By Fidelity Health Marketplace

Make sure your workplace stays healthy this flu season by encouraging your employees to get their flu shot.
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