Decision Support

Would you rather shop for benefits or get a root canal?

If you had to think about that one for a second, something is very wrong. But who can blame you? Shopping for benefits often involves unwieldy spreadsheets of plan options, with little to no guidance on which ones make sense for your employees. We’d like to change that.

Employee enrollment is an easy, streamlined online shopping experience.

Think of us as your personal shopper.

We’ll ask about your unique benefits needs, what kind of benefits management you’ve done in the past, and most importantly, where you’d like to go in the future. Then we’ll help you build a customized suite of benefits you can be proud to offer your employees.

Our decision tool educates your employees so their enrollment is as easy as your administration.

How do you compare an apple to a whortleberry?

As an employee, evaluating health insurance plans is rarely, if ever, an apples-to-apples comparison. Instead, it can feel like comparing an apple to some sort of fruit you’ve never even heard of. This is why we’ve built a smart decision tool into the Fidelity Health MarketplaceSM experience that takes the guesswork out of choosing health coverage.