Cost Savings

Say hello to cost savings.

Fidelity Health Marketplace gives you real choice when it comes to the health plans you can offer, personalized guidance to keep your benefits strategy on track, and a decision support tool for your employees to help them  “right-size” their medical coverage.  What does all this mean for you? A better benefits experience, sure, but also the potential for some serious cost savings. Anyone can say they’ll save you money, but here are 3 ways we’ll actually do it.


Top health plans. Competitive prices.

Fidelity Health Marketplace offers you real choice when it comes to the variety of insurance carriers and plans you can offer—choice that can ultimately translate to significant cost savings for both you and your employees.

Each year, your Account Manager will work with you to re-evaluate your benefits strategy including your plan choices and contribution strategy to make sure you’re offering the most cost-effective and competitive options.

You get personalized guidance.

Your Account Manager, a licensed insurance broker, can guide you in choosing which benefits are the best fit, and how you’ll fund them. They’ll help you examine how you’ve used your coverage in past years, and look for ways to reduce costs. Your Account Manager will also model and walk you through all of your “what if” scenarios when it comes to cost, to make sure you’re prepared for the unexpected.

The right fit for each employee.

You want your employees to “right-size” their benefits – so they’ll get the right amount of coverage for their particular situation. When employees are able to select their benefits this way, they’ll be satisfied that they aren’t overspending on health coverage, while you – the employer – also save money.