We'll be your health insurance broker - allowing you to offer great benefits to your employees

The benefits solution you’ve been looking for is here.

Fidelity Health Marketplace® is designed to save small and mid-sized businesses time and money. We combine top-notch broker services with easy-to-use technology – making your benefit administration headaches disappear. And, we’ll help you and your employees choose and use benefits wisely, all year round.

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Small businesses should be able to offer great health care benefits to their employees.

You deserve as many choices as the big guys.

You’re small but mighty, so when it comes to benefits you should be able to offer the same choices as a large company. With our extensive network of medical, dental, vision, and other benefit providers, you’ll get the options you deserve.

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Looking to control costs? Look no further.

We know that employers’ #1 health care concern is rising costs. And your employees are feeling the burden, too. Fidelity Health Marketplace can help you rein in health benefit costs for everyone. 

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Our technology prevents PTBS (post-traumatic benefits syndrome).

If it feels like you spend too much time on benefits management and not enough on, well, your job, then our online self-service capabilities are here for you. We give you the tools you need to quickly and easily keep track of benefits online, so you can get back to doing the work that really matters.

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A seamless employee benefits enrollment experience.

“Open enrollment is my favorite time of the year!” Said no one. Ever.

So maybe you can’t get your employees as excited about choosing benefits as they are about shopping for their next vacation online, but you can make it just as easy. Our benefits decision guidance tool and easy-to-navigate checkout process is what you and your employees expect from an online shopping experience.

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